For EPCs/SIs



REECODE Energy Solutions seeks to carve out a niche for itself as a "Market Maker" for solar vendors/suppliers operating in India. We want to be the country's largest aggregator of business opportunities in the solar sector.

We strongly believe that we can reduce your costs substantially towards lead generation and client prospecting, by acting as facilitators or mentors for clients (or clusters of clients) who need quite a bit of time to go through the thinking process before actually deciding on inviting cost proposals.

We have an on-going programme of "awareness seminars" in partnership with industrial associations and other event organisers, on the specific topic of explaining how solar energy solutions have become cheaper compared to some of the conventional fuels that industries use today. The same industries are large prospective clients for setting up captive power plants. 

If your are an EPC company or a System Integrator, we will ensure that your returns on your investments will be substantially huge. Finally, we will have our reputation and credibility at stake in an industry which is here to stay forever.

Join Us! You only have to gain.