Events To Explore



REECODE Energy Solutions' CEO Bhupesh Trivedi has spoken/presented at the following solar conferences/seminars:

  1. On solar opportunities at NITIE annual event, Mumbai, October 2014
  2. On solar manufacturing scenario at the InterSolar Summit, Bangalore, September 2014
  3. On anti-dumping duties at the World Renewable Energy Technology Congress, New Delhi, August 2014
  4. On rooftop solar opportunites at RENERGY, organised by TEDA, Chennai, June 2014
  5. On upcoming solar revolution for wealth managers - alumni of FLAME Institute, Pune, June 2014
  6. On technology challenges at Solar EPC Summit, New Delhi, May 2014
  7. Guest lecture at Great Lakes Institute of Energy Managment, Guragon, December 2013
  8. National Off-Grid Solar Summit, New Delhi, organised by Solar Quarter, July 2013.
  9. Solar Investment Opportunities, Jaipur, organised by Federation of Rajasthan Trade and Industry (FORTI) and Waaree Energies Ltd, June 2013
  10. National Solar EPC Summit, New Delhi, organised by Solar Quarter, June 2013
  11. North India Textile Conclave, Chandigarh, organised by Confederation of Indian Textile Industry (CITI), February, 2013.
  12. National SME Summit, Indore, , organised by Network 18 group.
  13. InterSolar, Mumbai November, 2012.
  14. Solar Investment Opportunities, Indore/Dewas/Bhopal, organised by Waaree Energies Ltd, October, 2012.
  15. Indian PV Manufacturing Summit, organised by UK-based media company PV-Insider, at Gurgaon, August 2012.
  16. EPC Sphere, Mumbai, organised by New Delhi's Cerebral Business, July 2012.
  17. Textile Innovation Summit, Vapi, Gujarat, organised by The Textile Association
  18. "Challenges facing the SME sector" Seminar, Palghar, Thane, organised by St. John's Institute of Management, March 2012.
  19. "Solar Energy Just Got Cheaper", Tarapur, Thane, organised by the Tarapur Industrial Manufacturers' Association (TIMA) and Tarapur Management Association (TMA) February 2012. 
  20. "Green Architecture" seminar for architects organised by Indian Institute of Architects at Nashik on February, 2012.
  21. A round-table discussion for power project developers under Gujarat's 2nd solar policy, self-organised.
  22. Exclusive Solar Seminar, organised by Ahmedabad Management Association

If you would like to take advantages of such events and associate with us, do kindly call us.